You can always hide in Switzerland…and maybe you should…

A charming and well run country with no bomb throwers in its legislature.  A few nuts, but what country doesn’t have a few.  Ratio of nuts to level headed burghers extremely low.  And a solid currency, which has just broken out again with this clear buy signal.  We wouldn’t treat this as a trend signal, though it might be.  (It might just be Americans fleeing their country where the bomb throwers don’t want to raise the national debt limit (that will show those tax and spenders.  We’ll blow up the country to make a point.)  We would treat this as a trade, because we think it is due to the Mexican (now there ‘s a nice country to vacation in — except for a few bandidos, drug runners, kidnappers, and mariachis run amok –many tourists have returned unscathed.) standoff in Washington.

Our gold and VXX trades are prospering nicely.  Silver is all right too, but the chart is not as strong as gold.

Buy your tickets on SwissAir now.  August 3 may be too late.

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  1. alain

    Switzerland has kept strictly to its debt ceiling since many years. Home prices rose to sky DURING the crisis. Except the export oriented (i.e. watch) industry the country is booming. Once gold ‘ll return, the Swiss Franc may find its way to south too. A year long falling wedge may be in the last down sing but until then we enjoy the raise.

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