Your invitation to the slaughter has been postponed…

The market Monday very much depends on what the news is out of Washington.  We were expecting a bloodbath, because we were depending on the politicians to totally mess up the debt limit confrontation.  Damned politicians.  Can’t depend on them for anything.

They still have a chance to mess it up, of course.  But there is now no clarity as to which way to bet, so maybe best not to bet at all.

This is the most irresponsible and shameful display of politics and disregard for the national interest since Nixon hit the fan.

What a country this is.

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  1. alain

    think simplicity in analyzes – such as you’re doing – is the key.

    A break below 1260 is a call south, a potential Kilroy setup and; prices above 1320 a sign of a new potential upleg into mid month or so.

    An indicator: whenever the people from Georgia call for ‘3 of 3’ with other medias, markets rose usually.

  2. alain

    1260… = ES (SPX)…

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