Short lived gold trade… breaking treasuries…

No sooner had there been a buy signal in the gold and silver than it was canceled.  Today.  Right now.  Talk about slippery markets.  We hate to post letter so often, but in these markets it looks like you might as be live full time.  We think some smart guys tried to buy the bottom in gold — the way they did several weeks ago — but his time they outsmarted themselves and bought the falling knife.  We’ll watch it and try to time the next knife.

Meantime the gaps (G) here tell the story in the 20 year.  Shortable (with TBT if you’re adventuresome, but you must remember that these are dangerous seas and the least expected squall could sink your boat.

Bermuda Triangle markets.

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  1. alain

    Gold buyers still active. But let’s look for a (technical) trend change. Sometimes, these guys are just wrong. Gold may need the October before it finds its low. But overall, I am looking to the upside into 2012 – also and specially in stocks.

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