Oh no. Barron’s INDU 15000.

In the Sports Illustrated financial version of the curse Barron’s arrives in the mail with a huge front cover headline: “15000”.  Traditionally a negative indicator for the immediate, but not that far fetched over the next two years.

Also one of the analysts we most respect, Larry McMillan:


On the other hand 100% of analysts, pundits, talking heads, Kim Kardashian and the Olson twins are baying for a “correction”  pull back, downwave, plunge, crash so maybe it won’t happen.

Things to do:

Just sit on the Basing Point stop and watch the weeping and wailing.

Buy the negative ETFs and hedge for awhile.

Go watch the golf and see whether Tiger has recouped his mojo.

Send valentines.  Oh yes, valentines to our valued readers.

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