Open season on stocks and ETFs…



So many issues have broken out that it is difficult to track them all.  Looks like the running of the bulls.  IWM is in the clear here.  And so are the Qs:

Here we see once again the utility of the alpha-beta-gamma pattern.  It would have kept us from buying a falling issue and it gives us a signal to reenter or to add on.

For the adventuresome the euro seems to be about to start a new upwave, complete with gap and island reversal.


Needless to say it looks like open season and a very bullish atmosphere.  That is exactly the time to be looking over your shoulder.  Expect volatility for a least a month or so with bears trying to spring some nasty surprises.  From whence does this conclusion derive?  Volatility begets volatility, and we have just been through a period which featured numerous days of triple digit moves.




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