Buy buy buy… (just kidding… but…)


We jest — giddy with delight that Washington took the gun away from the head of the economy (until February…February?  OMG not again).  But live for the moment.  And in the moment it looks like you can throw darts at the market (hopefully not popping any bubbles) and hit a good trade.  So we bought the Qs (leveraged up with QLD).  Here you can see it breaking out.


We also bought IWM to put a bet on the Russell.  Here you can see it breaking away.


We also bought the euro FXE.  here it is gapping up and there has been a bit of work to form a base.  The market will probably run a bit here until the flock starts worrying about the February drop dead date.

Time to give thanks.  And with Thanksgiving coming time to think about the 99%.  So as we do every year at this time we are making a contribution to our local foodbank.  We recommend it to all our readers as a good investment.

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