Ominous formations in IWM AND QQQ


The most superficial examination of the IWM reveals  details with negative implications.  A two month downtrend is obvious and prices are approaching the horizontal trendline.  This trendline may well be the neckline of a mutant head and shoulders formation.  We have marked the head and shoulders (h-s-s).  Regardless of whether the formation is a head and shoulders or not it is  decidedly negative and worth a short if the horizontal line is taken out decisively.  Adding to the negative case is the breaking of the trendline from July13.  Always a screaming signal to the technician. We would put the stop about 2% above the last wavelet high.




The Qs are in somewhat the same situation.  There is a possible head and shoulders (a more regular formation) but prices would have to descend to pierce the trendline.  Nonetheless a trendline from July13 is broken so prices are almost certain (as far as anything  is certain in the market) to decline.   A no brainer short if the horizontal trendline is broken with authority.

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