Pilgrims, Washington, Lincoln, and gratitude…

In 1863 in the midst of a Civil War even more vicious than that in which we are now involved Lincoln formalized Thanksgiving as a national holiday.  He was institutionalizing the holiday proclaimed by Washington, and before him by the Pilgrims.  The Pilgrims were giving thanks for being alive.  Lincoln was giving thanks for the nation’s being alive.  Washington with his unerring instinct for the right thing was giving thanks for the birth of the nation.

So Thanksgiving comes around again to remind us that larger forces than ourselves rule the universe and a certain modesty on our part and some gratitude is in order.  This may addressed to Allah, Krishna, Yaweh,  the Bhuddha, the brahman in all things, or Roger Goodell.

A little humility and a little charity for the unfortunates in our bountiful land is in order too.  Thus is merit accumulated and good karma assured.

A happy and bountiful Thanksgiving.

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