“This may be the most important book on stops of this decade for the general investor.”
Professor Henry Pruden, Ph.D.
Golden Gate University

Stair Stops: Using Basing Points to Ratchet Stops in Bull & Bear Markets offers a complete exposition and clarification of the Basing Points Procedure (using the three days away rule) as presented by John Magee (with clarification and illustration by WHC Bassetti) in Technical Analysis of Stock Trends.

Magee’s original description and chart (like Fermat’s Last Theorem) left some ambiguities to explain.

Bassetti explains them and expands on the procedure in this eBook and illustrates the process which may well be the most important procedure extant for investors.

Purchase your PDF copy of this important and valuable 60+ page eBook and receive a free 2 week subscription with your purchase if you’re not already a subscriber!

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