Win some, lose some. Let the winners run and cut the losers and you’ll wind up as rich as Jesse Livermore.

Double bottom? Extended trading range? Pain in the Posterior Pattern? Some of all of the above. For all intents and purposes nothing is decided in stocks. This week’s hammering throws in doubt everything in May, if not April also. You will remember our comments that it was a situation to dip a toe into. Hopefully the piranhas don’t get the toe.

They certainly won’t get it in the CRB. That breakaway tells us that it’s on its way higher.

Another analysis of gold rewarded. Breakout gap identified. Watch out for $2000 gold.We are thinking of published a daily letter in the metals. Drop us an email if interested.

OIL motors on. See buy signal. We know that when this market cracks it will make Armageddon look like Apocalypse Now.It is only a matter of time until the authorities take action against the markets to bust the speculators.

Remember and study the top of the Hunt silver market.

Pace picking up in the dollar. Long term bets on the dollar would be productive. We haven’t thought about how to do that yet.When the euro was at $.82 we said that the canny conservative way to play that was to buy euro denominated bonds.

Maybe selling some euro weak notes or stocks. Email us if you have an inspiration.

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