It is only a matter of time until commodities blow the next bubble.  DBA and DBC are two instruments which give the non futures investor a way to participate.  As such we should be keeping an eye on these so they don’t sneak out of town under cover of night.  At the moment there are no buy signals here, and a slight downwave.  Sometimes we break the rules and buy before a breakout, because in cases like this the breakout is often explosive and getting on the rocket can be dicey.  We might stick a toe in if price gets to the lows.

Price is flirting with some long trend lines here, same as with DBC.  The horizontal lines are good signal lines.  Basing Point stops with robust filters should be used here as the market will try to dislodge amateurs.

The patterns look like they could use some more work on the bottom here, but be alert.  The world needs more lerts.

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