Rare earth stocks, a new form of lottery tickets

090901lycax090901nemffpk1090901qsurfpk1090901resv1July 2 we looked at a group of rare earth stocks looking for lottery tickets.  (Or a way to get rid of excess capital.)  We bought some of these and think some of these might turn into winners.  But, as we said, treat them like lottery tickets.  100% risk.  We don’t even bother to check their prices except by accident.  One more of John Magee’s rules we break.

What is interesting is that yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) New York Times has an article on the rare earths and how China is cornering the market on these minerals.  Regardless of the implications for national security this is a recipe for possible large profits at some point in the future.

See the July 2 letter for our other comments.


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