The Long Long view on Citibank

2010-04-09-cWe started buying C for our personal accounts back during the crash and the percentage profits are obscene, and in this case we are in favor of pornography.  Isn’t that what banks are anyway?  Or is it just their executives who are pornographers?  There we go talking dirty again, but when you are dealing with institutions which have the legal right to rape pillage and plunder what are you going to do?  Go with the flow.  Here’s what the flow says:  buy me.

Here is the long long view.  Do you think C is going to stay down here forever?  We don’t.  And besides you should have stops under the wave lows (Basing Points).  Right now 5% looks like a decent filter to us at this time.  Be aware that the “Composite Operator” will try to drive the price down to chase out unworthy holders before major waves are sponsored.

2010-04-09-c5In fact, the downwave proceding this immediate upwave may have had that function.  There will be another downwave after this particular upwave.  Bank on it.

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