More on the eye of the storm…GLD, SLV, FXE, TLT..

As this is a compendium encompassing a number of past comments we will just display links instead of the charts.

GLD gave a sell signal, but unlike recent collapses it is just hanging in midair, like the rest of the market.  This sell signal ws for traders, not for investors.

TLT.  The bonds are in a downtrend.  Whether this is definitive remains to be seen.

SLV.  Silver is in exactly the same pattern as gold.

FXE.  The euro is sideways, but we think this is just a breather with the rest of the market, and that it is buyable, putting a stop under the low of the 19th — about 2% down.

The eye of a storm is not a time to let down vigilance.  Shooting and bloodletting could break out when the market sees the election results.

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