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1700 — 1800 –what’s a hundred points between friends?

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We probably left heads spinnig with our last letter which blithely  called the SPX a hair off 1700.  Well, as they say, even Homer nods…  But he doesn’t sleepwrite.  (This does not refer to Homer Simpson.)  Prices continue to dance about 1800.  Not a tango.  A Balkan folkdance.  Going in circles and circles.  These things can be quite beautiful if you have infinite patience.

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Dow 16000. SPX a hair off 1700…

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An important psychological barrier fell today as the Dow closed above 16000.  Here a close up of the Industrials.   The three humps here represent  a base which should impel the Industrials upwards.   Conventional Point&Figure chart analysis says the immediate target is 16200.  We think it is probably much higher and are working on the analysis.  The three trendlines are fro Nov11, Nov12 and March09.  Why are these severe downwaves always in November?  Just joking.  It’s because the market usually gets hammered in October.

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Market animals and…Thanksgiving

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EVery year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we take a moment out to think about hunger.  Not ours.  Here is a San Francisco Chronicle editorial on the subject: 

It’s not much, but right now you can double your contribution because of a matching grant from Unilever:

We  got two for one leverage by donating.  Good Trade.  Donate and have a bountiful Thanksgiving.

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Hearts, Diamonds…Trumps

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We are flooded with opinion and BS from professionals, amateurs, market manipulators and worst of all the talking heads on Marketwatch.  These are all carrying signs that say the sky is about to fall, or the world as we know it (twawki) is about to end.  The ignorance of these people is unfathomable.  And yes there are signs of froth.  The IPO thieves are gleefully fleecing the public with earnings free companies and shameless hype.  The price of farmland is going parabolic.  The art market is treating prices like monopoly money.  The NYSE  advance/decline line is looking like 2007.  There is a distressing diminishment in the number of solar flares.  The Giants got their butts kicked.  The 49ers looked like Harvard playing Carolina.

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