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Bobbing for Apple…

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 by .




That ugly gap on the chart is one of the reasons we don’t like to trade stocks.  Somebody doesn’t answer the phone and the stock wakes up down 5 or 6%.  But it is what it is and market insults result in a buying opportunity.  Apple has led nothing but a turbulent life with the pundits and Wall Streeet “owls” predicting imminent demise or, reluctantly, fabulous fortune.  The company attracts disdain and disrespect.  Before Apple blew everybody away with the iphone the internet tech community trolled the Apple user community in favor of Microsoft and IBM.

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A second bite at the apple…Gold problems

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We shorted gold based on the downgap.  A trade rather than an investment. The August buy signal canceled by the retreat and gap constitute that phenomenon technicians regard as a high probability trade — signal- canceled signal — new signal in the other direction.

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Shining the apple, tarnishing the gold

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In July we noted that Apple had formed a double bottom and was buyable.  Today Apple is breaking out with a serious power bar.  Looks like the Apple game is back on.   There are at least two valuable lessons here:  Buying in July would already have reaped  a profit; and waiting for this breakout might have been more conservative, because there is a great deal of certainty now.

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