Uranium lives!



Indeed, like diamonds, uranium is forever.  Messy stuff, but what the hey it looks like it lives as an investment medium.  As everyone knows we don’t do fundamental research.  It makes us break out in hives.  Seriously.  It takes so much time and most of the times is misleading or unnecessary.  That is — how do you evaluate earnings when they lie?  (General Electric just admitted they lied about earnings.)  If you can’t trust GE who can you trust?  Ronald Reagan?

Anyway, as we were saying before we were interrupted by Asberger Syndrome, the uranium  cycle seems to have come back around.  Above Uranium Energy Corp, available at finance.yahoo.com, UEC.

We wouldn’t buy this right here.  We wait till it took out the nearby high, or until we analyzed that the downwave shown here had ended.  The volume spike on the high hints of a wave climax, so waiting and watching is in order.  Or, if the amount of money is insignificant you can buy it here and set the stop 10% down.

We bought for our personal and family accounts some rate earth mineral stocks previously mentioned and some uranium.  We will let these run to zero or 1000.    Taxi fare or lottery tickets.

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