The doctor is in…psychiatric advice, 5cents

Here we are, channeling Lucy and Charley Brown…

March 2010 and the talking heads, punditry and itchy technicians are talking about selling new highs and a test of last March’s lows.

We have had numerous graduate students and seminarians remark that after they had taken Fi498s (May to August) at GGU that their emotional appraoch to the markets had totally changed.  From worrying about selling new highs and experiencing anxiety that they might be caught in a bear market they had relaxed and watched the markets and their positions with interest and alertness rather than anxiety.

This derives directly from being in the moment, from realizing the essential nature of the markets, and from knowing that it is not necessary to forecast the future to know what to do in the moment.  The markets go up.  (WaveUp.)  The markets go down.  (WaveDown.)  When the Basing Point stop is taken out you liquidate your position and watch market participants run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

And if you are tethered to the screen all day long (and hating it) you need more than 5 cents worth of advice. (You need fifteen weeks of Fi498s.)  On the other hand if you are glued to the screen and loving it (AND are raking in the dough) please come and talk to our graduate seminar and tell us how you do it.

Actually we know how to beat the market in real time.  Use Magee’s methods on 30 minute bars.

But in the meantime realize that if you follow the Basing Point system you will beat the market and sleep well at night and never lose 47% in the market again.

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