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Air Pollution. Or intellectual pollution…

Posted on Sep 29, 2012 by .


We habitually check in with Marketwatch to survey the news and see a snapshot of the market.  It is also an antidote to low blood pressure.  While occasionally interesting  Marketwatch features columnists who essentially propagate intellectual pollution.  There is, as all readers know, a breed of financial writer who desperately tries to attract attention by making wild predictions  — bullish or bearish.  This week it’s the “Apple– the next great short” to get attention.  Of course shorting Apple is the height of foolishness and breaks one of our most important tenets:  Never short a bull trend.  The market has an axiom on this subject:  Don’t fight the tape.

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Mapping Apple

Posted on Sep 21, 2012 by .


Just relax.  There is no sign of a top in Apple.  And after  a bull market like this Apple is not going to make a V top.  Holders of Apple will get plenty of warning before Apple goes south — the trendlines assure that.

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Stop right there. Don’t make any fast moves…(faster than a millisecond)…

Posted on Sep 20, 2012 by .


While the world waits breathlessly for the inevitable “correction” it’s worth figuring out where stops should be prudently set.  We think the likelihood of a seriously painful downwave are between none and zero.  But the odds of a minor 5% downwave are pretty high.  Knowing what to do before the shooting starts leaves you sitting in the catbird seat as opposed to investors who watch the avalanche start and wind up frozen.

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