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Beware of suicide bombers…

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If this picture looks familiar, it’s because it is familiar.  There is nothing to be said about the market that has not already been said.  But don’t worry we’ll find something.  But it has less to do with the market than with the lamentable state of the nation.

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Whim, caprice and vagary…

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Whim, caprice and vagary — the three horsemen of the Apocalypse, riding roughshod over the market.  And over Washington.  Barely had the market luxuriated in the shower of Helicopter Ben’s  cash  than the market goblin whispered in traders’ ears “Don’t forget about the budget crisis… and the debt ceiling crisis… and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul….and the government shutdown…and…”

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S&P 1900? Why not? But not in one wave….

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(sorry no link–but you can go to and call it up)

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A second bite at the apple…Gold problems

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We shorted gold based on the downgap.  A trade rather than an investment. The August buy signal canceled by the retreat and gap constitute that phenomenon technicians regard as a high probability trade — signal- canceled signal — new signal in the other direction.

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