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23 views of Mt Fuji…

Posted on Mar 28, 2015 by .



We conjectured a short while back that the wavelet up was going to pause.  The pause turned into a minor cascade.  There are — like views of Mt Fuji — a number of ways to look at this.

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Bears maul market — or is it bears?

Posted on Mar 11, 2015 by .



The jungle drums have been beating for a few weeks now that some large investors and hedge funds are going to cash.  (Wait.  Did they ssay crash?) We know personally of some major funds who have done that.  Sooner or later where there is smoke there are bears gnawing on the market, not to mention your  Wall Street contrarian who has been gnawing like a beaver on the market for months.  They appear to have reached critical mass the last three trading days and they have taken a chunk out of the market.

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